I'll Be Home for Christmas

One of the best things about being the "Ninja Biscuit Monger" is the opportunity to follow my biscuits around the country. It's such an amazing thing to watch all of you, and your children, light up when you try something for the fist time, or the first time in a long time. Sometimes we laugh together. Less frequently we cry together. Yes, even a Ninja can cry over a biscuit and sometimes the flood of memories that can be evoked by real food is too much to handle. But the best part of all, is driving home to my own family. When I cross the bridge in Portsmouth back in to Maine, I always speed up a little (don't read this part sheriff) knowing that it's only an hour until I'm home.

That's the part of us that we really want you to get. Sure it's a biscuit, and sure it's the best one you will ever eat, and sure there isn't anybody in the market making a chocolate biscuit. But that's only the smallest part. If you love your family and friends like we do, then you only want them to have the best that you can do. You want to make memories, not just meals. My boss, the Biscuit Boss, is happy every time someone takes one of our boxes home. But he lights up when we get a message form you telling us that Sunday morning isn't Sunday morning until everyone has their cinnamon roll.

So from our family to yours, eat well, live long, and remember the good times. Oh, and give us 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Maybe we can help.