Superbowl Sausage Biscuit Skewers

It's almost Superbowl time! Many of us foodies, particularly those who watched their team lose (all Patriot fans are still smarting), take great pride in our Superbowl appetizer offerings. Because if your team can't win the game at least you can get some high-fives from your buddies based on your efforts in the kitchen! Unless you are a Ravens fan - I want none of your high-fives and no biscuits for you!! Just kidding, the Biscuit Girl isn't a hater. So my football appetizer of choice is a crowd-pleasing and easy to eat combination of sausage, some delicious sauce/topping/mustard/condiment, and Mini Biscuits. Mini Biscuits are the simplest thing to make and one box of Robinhood Meetinghouse Cream Cheese Biscuits will make a whole bunch, more than enough for your Superbowl party. (If you want to try some other Mini Biscuit appetizers check them out here.)

To prepare Mini Biscuits: Preheat conventional oven to 350 degrees. Place frozen biscuits on a lightly floured cutting board. Allow to thaw for about 10 minutes. When slightly soft, cut biscuits into quarters. Then cut each ¼ in half, yielding 8 squares of dough per biscuit. Bake for about 12 minutes, or until biscuits are light golden brown. Set aside.

Prepare sausage according to product instructions. Let cooked sausage rest for 5 minutes before slicing. Slice warm sausage into coins about ½ inch thick.

Skewer Assembly: Split mini-biscuits. Spread one side with butter, other side with your topping of choice. I used one of my favorite chutneys, Stonewall Kitchen's Apple Cranberry Chutney. Slide mini biscuits over skewer, then sausage. Alternate skewering a sausage piece, then a biscuit. Use 4 sausage pieces and 4 mini biscuit halves for each skewer. Serve skewers as warm as possible on a platter.

Superbowl Sausage Biscuit Skewers
Superbowl Sausage Biscuit Skewers

Here are some good sausage and condiment combinations you could try, depending on the fans in attendance.  

  • Arizona Cardinals – Chorizo sausage and hatch chili spread
  • New York Jets  – Spicy Italian sausage and pesto
  • San Francisco 49’ers – Vegan sausage with kimchi
  • New England Patriots – Maple Sausage, touch of maple syrup and sirhacha
  • New Orleans Saints – Andouille and whole grain mustard
  • Seattle Seahawks – Duck sausage and peach chutney
  • Atlanta Falcons – Sage sausage, butter, provide sausage gravy for dipping
  • Green Bay Packers – Apple Cheddar Sausage and whole grain mustard
  • Baltimore Ravens – Spicy Chicken Sausage with cilantro mayo
  • Denver Broncos – Bison sausage with whole grain mustard and chutney
  • Pittsburgh Steelers– Bratwurst and sauerkraut
  • Carolina Panthers - Sage sausage and honey
  • New York Giants - Garlic sausage and aioli

These won't stay on the plate long, especially if my friend Anna is around!

-The Biscuit Girl

She looks like she's posing but this bite... happened.
She looks like she's posing but this bite... happened.