Biscuits & Ham, Ma'am

Ham seems to be the universal meat of choice for Easter meals and with good reason. It's versatile and delicious. Spread a healthy dollop of whole grain mustard on a Robinhood Meetinghouse Sweet Potato Biscuit and pile high with ham. Add a fried egg and/or a bit of cheese if the mood strikes. Drizzle with honey or maple syrup. It's just that simple and it's oh so good.


- The Biscuiteers

Hollandaise Sauce - Chef Michael Gagné's Way

Hollandaise Sauce - Chef Michael Gagné's Way

No one should deny themselves the perfect Hollandaise experience at home because they’re scared of failure. Chef Michael Gagné (aka The Biscuit Boss) shares his tips and tricks to make your sauce experience a screaming success.