Our Story

Our family business was born from a single recipe that people just couldn’t get enough of.


Over thirty years ago Chef Michael Gagné of Maine was inspired to challenge the traditional southern biscuit recipe while working in Virginia. Using the French baking technique of sheeting and “laminating” dough, Michael combined puff pastry’s flaky elegance with the simplicity of a beloved biscuit. The result was his deliciously different Cream Cheese Biscuit.

When Michael returned home to Maine to raise his young daughters, he brought his biscuit recipe with him and kept baking. He opened the Robinhood Meetinghouse restaurant and made sure each of his guests was treated to as many baskets of piping-hot biscuits as they wanted, and most likely to a few of his stories and some laughs, too.


As his daughters grew up, they were always a part of the restaurant, even if they had to stand on milk-crates to reach the kitchen counters or wore their white aprons like long dresses. Mixing, cutting and baking Cream Cheese Biscuits was a regular afternoon activity, and it wasn’t long before the Gagné girls were wrapping biscuits “to-go”, selling them from the restaurant’s back porch to neighbors and locals in the know.

Years later, Chef Gagné and his family are still using the same signature recipe as the foundation for their ever-expanding product line, called Robinhood Meetinghouse. Sure, we’re packaging our biscuits a little differently now and the girls are all grown up, but we're still doing what we do best—bringing the ones you love together to share something truly special.

folding dough
Robinhood Free Meetinghouse